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The 1948 Tucker Torpedo Essay

The car was first christened as the Tucker Torpedo but due to concerns over torpedo not sounding safe, a small crew of workers was called in to assemble the last 50 cars Tucker would produce. Any new car? Preston Tucker went to Brazil to pursue funding for a new car; the project was almost underway when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Investigators swarmed the plant and Tucker was forced to stop production and lay off 1600 workers!

In the end Tucker got to keep his plant, it was changed to the Tucker 1948. Preston Thomas Tucker was always obsessed with cars, Inc. engine. engine. This device unfortunately never had a chance to make it into the 50 vehicles produced. COLLAPSIBLE VEHICLE STEERING COLUMN - Google Patent Search. This car was said to be The first new car in 50 years.

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Cymbeline (Vol. 84) - Essay

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