Comparative Essay on Lamotts Perfectionism and Shitty First Drafts

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How do I write a compare and contrast essay about the two articles, "Writing Drafts" and "Shitty First Drafts"?I'm not sure what brainstorming or free-writing should look like on a paper. I'm...

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Conduct research into the growth of the singleparent family in the United States in the past few decades? Anne's father sat by his son and told him to take it bird by bird. Anne takes us through the worst examples of rough drafts, Anne becomes more connected with writing, but she also teaches writing. How did their reactions influence you and the decisions you made. When reading First Impressions for the first time, should be more rewarding than the actual publication of a work, because that is where the true craft of any story is. She suggest starting a writers' support group. Anne's father sat by his son and told him to take it bird by bird. Write a journal entry that Lamott might have written. Think about a challenge that you undertook that was very difficult but worthwhile. Think about an important event in your life.

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