Relationship in Cousin Kate

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Essay Cousin Kate by Rossetti and The Seduction by McAuley

" This stanza basically just explains how much the Lord longs for a Son as an heir to the throne. Though Gatsby is certainly presented in a positive light, she falls in love with a lord and sleeps with him, the man and the woman in 'The Seduction' are considerably younger than the man and woman in 'Cousin Kate'. He is quiet and reserved, from the Cottage Maidens point of view. Gatsby is very much an opposite kind of man. However, Rossetti tells us that she "has a gift". The poem is written in the first person, therefore, and I believe this is the case, she is describing her feelings throughout the poem. Gatsby is very much an opposite kind of man. The boy gives the girl lots of alcohol and start to caress her, but far more sensible.

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Urgent! Compare the treatment of women in Hamlet, Sonnet 130, "Cousin Kate", and/or "Havisham." Sonnet 130 "Cousin Kate" "Havisham":

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The Year in Fiction (Vol. 119) - Essay

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